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Why am I not getting results?

When conducting a search on Google Maps, the results may include related activities in neighboring geographical areas. For example, if you search for "restaurant in Paris," the results might also display similar categories like "sandwich shop" in nearby localities.

However, on, our approach is different. We allow you to select a specific activity within a given geographical area. This way, you only get businesses that precisely match this specific category in the location you specify.
This difference in how search criteria are treated may explain the variations between's results and those from Google Maps.

How to Get More Results

If you're not finding many or any results that match your search on, follow these simple steps to get more results:

Let's take the example of searching for an auto repair shop:

When you enter "mechanic" in the "Activity" section on, the corresponding categories found are "mechanic" and “auto bodywork mechanic”. Depending on the geographical area you choose, you might obtain satisfactory results with this search.

However, to increase your chances of finding more relevant businesses, follow these steps:

1. Identify all categories to search for on Google Maps.

Before heading to, perform a search on Google Maps by entering "mechanic". You'll notice that the results display categories like:
- Auto repair shop
- Mechanic
- Auto bodywork mechanic
- Car repair and maintenance service
- Auto body shop
- And more

2. Expand the search area

On Google Maps, when you conduct a search, the displayed results might also include neighboring cities. Unlike Google Maps, enables more specific searches. You have the option to search by country, region, department, and city on, depending on your subscription.

To increase the number of results, widen the geographical search area.

Example: If you're searching for auto repair shops in the city of Abbaretz, consider expanding your search to neighboring towns.

Updated on: 02/11/2023