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How to promote Affiliation: 25% Revenue share

We have opened an affiliate program for, and we pay 25% for life for the customers that you bring us.

What it means:
 - If a visitor signs up with your link, they are assigned to you forever.
 - You earn 25% of everything they pay on the app, no matter whether it’s tomorrow or in 10 years.
 - We manage email reminders, marketing promotions, customer support, etc.
 - We pay for the scraping servers, additional development, support and email services, etc.

You don't have to do anything, and we redistribute 25% of the income to you.

For example:

 - If you bring in 10 clients at $49/month, 
   you get: (10 x 49) x 25% = $122.5/month

 - If you bring in 15 customers at $49/month, 10 customers at $99/month and 5 customers at $199/month,
   you get: (15 x 49) + (10 x 99) + (5 x 199) x 25% = $680/month

All this is without managing customer support, without managing marketing, without managing technical development, etc.

And it goes even further:

If one of your users unsubscribes and comes back in 6 months because he needs leads again, you still get 25% commissions.

If you want to create an affiliate account, leave me a message on the chat, and I will put you on a special plan to share your link, make demos and see your statistics.

To see the conditions of the affiliate program, click here:

How to Effectively Promote

To maximize your earning potential and expand your network through's affiliate program, it is essential to promote your affiliate link effectively. Here are some platforms and methods recommended to increase your visibility and attract more customers:

Social Networks: Use platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to share informative articles, case studies, or testimonials from satisfied users. Make sure to subtly yet effectively integrate your affiliate link.

Blogs and Websites: Create quality content on your personal or professional blog to explain the benefits of, including banners or text links that point to the site via your affiliate link.

Newsletters: If you have an email subscriber list, send periodic newsletters highlighting new features and use cases of, always including your affiliate link.

Online Forums and Discussion Groups: Participate in discussions on forums and groups related to technology and web scraping, where you can share your expertise and recommend as a solution, always using your affiliate link.

Webinars and Workshops: Organize or participate in webinars and online workshops to educate participants on the benefits of using, providing your affiliate link for those interested in signing up.

By leveraging these channels, you can not only increase your visibility and that of but also build a passive and sustainable revenue source through the affiliate program.

Updated on: 19/04/2024