Affiliation Affiliation: 40% Revenue share

We have opened an affiliate program for, and we pay 40% for life for the customers that you bring us.

What it means:
 - If a visitor signs up with your link, they are assigned to you forever.
 - You earn 40% of everything they pay on the app, no matter whether it’s tomorrow or in 10 years.
 - We manage email reminders, marketing promotions, customer support, etc.
 - We pay for the scraping servers, additional development, support and email services, etc.

You don't have to do anything, and we redistribute almost half of the income to you.

For example:

 - If you bring in 10 clients at $49/month, 
   you get: (10 x 49) x 40% = $196/month

 - If you bring in 15 customers at $49/month, 10 customers at $99/month and 5 customers at $199/month,
   you get: (15 x 49) + (10 x 99) + (5 x 199) x 40% = $1088/month

All this is without managing customer support, without managing marketing, without managing technical development, etc.

And it goes even further:

If one of your users unsubscribes and comes back in 6 months because he needs leads again, you still get 40% commissions.

But be careful:
We offer a 40% payout only to boost the start of

In a few months, we will lower the payout rate for new users (and put it back to 20% or 25%).

If you want to create an affiliate account, leave me a message on the chat, and I will put you on a special plan to share your link, make demos and see your statistics.

To see the conditions of the affiliate program, click here:

Updated on: 28/10/2022

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